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Superintendent's Speech

   The Ahliyyah School for Girls is a learning organization, which aims at human growth and believes in freeing its family members from all obstacles that may inhibit their progression toward the wide horizons of learning and enlightenment.

In realization of the strenuous efforts such a mission entails, it has not been sufficient to reap the immediate fruit of our own bearings; rather, we work with more passion to sow new seeds and provide fertile grounds for buds to bloom and branches to reach out into the promising future we envision.

Moreover, ASG believes in the precious members of its family: educational staff who facilitate learning, creativity and creation; parents who are our allies in supporting our policies and programs; and dear students who are the true makers and shapers of a better tomorrow.

                                                                                       Haifa Najjar


University Counseling Student Information Form

University Counseling Student Information Form