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The sport teams of the Middle and High Schools compete at school, national and international levels. The teams are trained and selected during extra-curricular activities from KG-12.

Our School teams are:

  • Basketball (ASG & BSA)
  • Handball  (ASG)
  • Volleyball (ASG & BSA)
  • Football  (ASG & BSA)
  • Track & Field  (ASG & BSA)
  • Gymnastics  (ASG & BSA)
  • Rugby (BSA)

Sports clubs in the School are: 

  • Football (BSA)
  • Basketball (ASG & BSA)
  • Martial Arts (BSA)
  • Fencing (ASG & BSA)
  • Boxing (ASG)

In addition, the Sports Department organizes several camps to help mold the students’ personalities and familiarize them with different locations in Jordan.



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University Counseling Student Information Form