Al-Kashef Center plays a central role at the Ahliyyah School for Girls. Since 1995, it has been providing appropriate learning opportunities for all its students, aiming to meet all their various learning needs, and working to support and assist students at the school.


The school’s vision is to pass on Al-Kashef’s successful experience and extend its services to include the community. Services are provided by qualified, specialized staff with extensive experience in teaching and assessing special educational needs. In the summer of 2009, the center became one of the certified Irlen Centers with (2) diagnosticians, and (7) screeners in this field. The center can diagnose cases as well as train teachers to become diagnosticians.  


Al-Kashef Objectives:

  • To early identify learning difficulties
  • To provide support to students in an inclusive classroom setting
  • To cater for the educational needs of all students
  • To assist in creating a change in attitudes where labeling is banished and a community accepts and embraces all its members free from bias.

Services of Al-Kashef Center:

  1. The Support Program: The school has a team of qualified support teachers, who work alongside the main teachers inside the classrooms to support students. The objective is to notice any indications or signs of any learning challenges they may have. This enables us to intervene at an early stage.

  2. The Communication Care Program: The objective of this program is to have an early identification and intervention plan for all types and degrees of vision, hearing, and language problems.

  3. The Screening and Diagnosis Program:
  • Student Services:

a) Consultation session, during which comprehensive information about the student is gathered and  recommendations are given regarding which tests the student should undertake from the following range:

·                Screening for SSS (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)

·                Diagnosis for Irlen Filters (Irlen Spectral Filters)

·                Battery of auditory and visual perception tests

·                Achievement Test in Arabic language

·                Achievement Test in Mathematics

·                Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT 4) for English Language and math

·                Battery of Tests for Cognitive Abilities


b) Concluding session, during which the test results and recommendations are explained and a report is issued. 

  • School Services:

·                Educational consultations in special needs issues

·                Training in the implementation of inclusive programmes

·                Workshops








University Counseling Student Information Form

University Counseling Student Information Form