In 2016, the ASG and BSA partnered with COGx, a Washington-based company dedicated to research and development in applied cognitive science to enhance learning. The company has worked with students from dozens of schools in the Washington, DC area to successfully help them become more effective, autonomous and confident learners. The science of how we learn and scientific insights available to us to improve individual learning by targeting the cognitive areas that learning depends on are offering real breakthroughs for student learning. COGx also works in partnership with leading scientists in academia. The company applies science and evidence-based programs to benefit students. In our ongoing commitment to offer the best possible program to each child we educate, we believe COGx is an invaluable asset to our school and our students to have such a program; aiming to enhance their academic performance. 

What makes this program unique is that it provides a robust library of proprietary exercises which are customized and delivered one on one to enhance cognition for better learning. The program will strengthen the student’s attention, memory (working memory as well as long-term memory), processing speed, executive function, cognitive flexibility, critical thinking and metacognition.

In the 2016 – 2017 academic year, the school enrolled 23 students in the COGx program. We are currently working with five students from Grade 11, fitting four hours per week into their schedule. In the Middle School, we are working with 13 students from Grade 10, three students from Grade 9, and one student from Grade 7. Our Elementary School students in Grade 5 are taking the COGx sessions and will finish the program by the end of the academic year.

Our plan for the 2017-2018 academic year involves enrolling students before the fall semester starts so that we are ready to have approximately 24 students registered and ready to start sessions by the beginning of September and finishing in January. This way, we will be able to enroll another 24 students for the Second Semester, having a total 48 students for the year.

The target population for next year will mostly be students from Grades 6 and 7, while the rest will be from Grades 8, 9, and 10. The idea behind this is that the earlier the students start the program, the better the results.


University Counseling Student Information Form

University Counseling Student Information Form