The use of ICT in teaching and learning is an increasing component of classroom practice to enhance student skills and knowledge.  The school aims at fully transforming into an e-school. Three stages have been planned to enable us to reach this goal and keep up with the developments in the IT sector.

Edunation is state of the art e-schooling and school management system that e-enables the schooling environment. The system helps in making education an enjoyable experience and provides an easy-to-use suite of Web-based tools to perform the never ending daily school routines. Benefits of utilizing Edunation are:

  • Allows users (students, teachers, parents, and administrators) to manage their profiles and the services within given authorization 
  • Eliminates work duplication by making information seamlessly available to every department
  • Reduces paperwork, improves work efficiency and accountability, and saves time
  • Relieves academic staff from administrative workload
  • Reduces result-processing and publishing time
  • Increases parent-teacher involvement by improving communication

 Up till now, two of the three stages have been fulfilled and the school is working on the completion of stage three within the coming three years.

The first two stages have been concerned with launching and solidifying the infrastructure where a comprehensive scheme has been implemented by:

  • Connecting the school to the World Wide Web through a lease line.
  • Partnering with Jordan's most reputable Microsoft partner to install Microsoft's latest product on our servers.
  • Launching LAN settings where 400 points where established among which 200 are activated. Moreover, the school's campus is equipped with wireless network that can facilitate students and teacher access to the school's e-services.
  • Providing the appropriate protection needed for the network by utilizing a Firewall System and subscribing to a censoring company to prevent the leakage of inappropriate web pages to school devices, in addition to applying the latest Anti Virus and network security program. Moreover, all software is licensed and precautions have been taken against the cutting off of electric power supply.
  • Transforming all classrooms into e-classes by providing interactive electronic boards and a computer that is connected to the World Wide Web.
  • Conducting ICDL courses for all teaching staff.
  • Preparing four well-equipped computer labs for teaching, in addition to equipping the school Science Laboratories with computerized experimental devices.
  • Installing e-class systems that enable computer labs to become multipurpose educational labs (easy classes).
  • Installing computers in staff rooms and administrators’ and coordinators’ offices, and installing multi media services room for research purposes.
  • Transforming report cards into computerized reports.

Our future plan for developing ICT consists of the following:

  • Transforming all classrooms into e-classes by providing interactive electronic boards and a computer that is connected to the World Wide Web to conduct e-lessons.


University Counseling Student Information Form

University Counseling Student Information Form