The primary focus of the Middle Years Design Programme is to engage students in a practical programme that will give them an understanding of the design cycle. Students complete projects based on solving real and authentic problems. They document their progress as they follow the design cycle to come to feasible solutions, which they evaluate through a process of testing.

Our Design Department operates in two spacious rooms that cater for the two design disciplines:

Product design:

The product design workshops are equipped with computers and high quality working benches and several equipment and machines to allow students to learn how to work with different tools and materials, and to understand how everyday tools and gadgets work.












Digital design:

The Computer labs are invaluable in digital design. Computers help students collect and handle information, come up with their own designs and bring them to life. The department provides programmes that are developmentally appropriate for each grade level and aims to achieve a higher degree of integration among subjects through utilizing computers in learning.



University Counseling Student Information Form

University Counseling Student Information Form