Apr, 2014 Talent Takes Center Stage at ASG
Music, singing, and drama made the world go round at the Annual ASG and BSA Talent show. The talent show, held on Saturday April 14th, was presented by students in Grades 7, 8 and 9 in front of families, students and teachers in the ASG main hall. The show featured a range of inspirational and cultural music, talented vocals and acting performances. Students played the piano, violin and guitar and brought bigger and newer talents to the spotlight. Opening the ceremony, one of the first acts was a group stage performance inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy play, A Mid Summer Night's Dream as students danced to the beat. Our Grade 7 student, Jude Nabali, blew the night away with her remarkable voice as she sang Helwa Ya Baladi, a famous Arabic song. Some of the piano pieces ranged from modern to classical songs inspired by the movie Titanic, the widely admired Lebanese singer Fairouz, and Mozart. Grade 8 student Dalia Abu Ghazaleh, a UCMAS student, surprised the audience with her exceptional mental arithmetic skills with incredible speed and accuracy. We are proud of our students’ exceptional talents which were creative and original!