May, 2014 Guest Speakers share Personal Insights on Annual Career’s Day
Every year, our Annual Career's Day never ceases to impress our
students and teachers.  The Ahliyyah School for Girls was delighted to
host a series of lecture sessions to inspire and help students make
the right career choices.  This year, a fresh and new category of
guest speakers from various career fields took the opportunity to
speak to students. Students at The Ahliyyah School for Girls had the
chance to reflect on their interests and learn more about themselves.

Our University Counselors invited guest speakers from various fields
who inspired students to make the right career choices. Students had
the chance to reflect on their interests and learn more about
themselves. The featured fields included Nutrition, Music, Radio and
TV, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Aviation,
Hotel Management, Banking and Law.

Speaker's gave insightful discussions on the most challenging moments
in their career time, the most and least enjoyable aspects in their
profession, their strengths and weaknesses and their advice to
students wishing to pursue their career in Jordan or abroad. Having
passion, dedication and time management were some of the most
invaluable advice given to students. As expected, students raised
impressive and insightful questions on the career market in Jordan and
the challenges they would face as young learners.

Ms. Violet Bawab, our very own ASG University Counselor commented, “We
are confident the support of our guest speakers brought students one
step closer in helping them make the right career choices, and
undoubtedly making life-changing decisions.