Jun, 2014 School Year Ends with KG Graduation Ceremony

We could not be more proud than to see our little batch of KG graduates. The KG Graduation Ceremony commenced with a school play and Jordanian national anthem
 " Aasha Al Maleek",  as students complete their two years in KG. Superintendent Mr.Haifa Najjar proudly awarded KG Graduates as they happily smiled in their graduation gowns and were presented with their

awards. The School play "Up Up Up" gave an entertaining performance, as each student represented and sang about a transportation vehicle. Students continued to sing their hearts out with more songs including,  "Ya Halla Bel Saif","We're Happy", "See The Sun" and " Khelsat Al Sanne."

 The Graduation ceremony presided over an excited crowd of parents, families and teachers. The audience was presented with a presentation on story reading and the kinds of activities KG students worked on to build their love of story reading and their thinking and presentation skills. The presentation was based on the PYP Inquiry Cycle for learning.

KG students learned how to write their own stories, whether as a fairy tale or non-fiction, why we write stories and the kinds of stories we can write. Students expressed what they liked about stories in a chart and were taught about the basic features when writing a story including being familiar with our surroundings, understanding principles and being imaginative.

More than simply writing stories, the presentation also showcased that students were assigned stories to read and discussed them with their classmates. Students discussed their thoughts about the characters and  the main sections in the book. Some of the books read are " The Big Carrot" , " The Library" and "About Our Trees."

Students created puppets based on the characters in the stories, learned new vocabulary words and created their own class fairy-tale book to write in!

Congratulations to our KG Graduating Class!

Looking forward to seeing them in first grade.