May, 2014 Young Scientists Present Projects at Annual Science Fair
The Ahliyyah School for Girls hosted its Annual Science Fair  as
students demonstrated creative science experiments and projects.
Students from Grades 7 and 8 proudly presented and discussed all about
their experiments from liquid hydrogen, nitrogen, soaps and
detergents, balance and density, flying glass, how to make a rainbow,
pressure and heat, extracting DNA from strawberries, creating frozen
sugar, ice candy and using battery to create power.

HE Superintendent Mrs. Haifa Najjar, our Head of School Dr. Alice
Abboud, teachers, faculty and parents were some of our distinguished
visitors. We were pleased to see such innovative thought put into
creating new and interesting projects. This year’s fair was unmatched
like any other with the number of creative ideas students presented.
The fair presented projects across the Biology, Chemistry and Physics
science streams where students applied their knowledge and skills to
come up with new discoveries.

Students even demonstrated how to make our own toothpaste.

Proud of our young scientists!