May, 2014 MYP Teachers Training Workshop Continues
IB Teachers attended their second MYP Training Workshop on Statement
of Inquiry. The workshop, presented by IB Teacher Mrs. Abeer Sweiss,
aimed to help teach and train teachers on how to write statements of
inquiry, to identify key concepts and related concepts within a global
context, learn about conceptual understanding and about scaffolding
thinking. Mrs. Abeer Sweiss gave an insightful presentation with
examples for teachers to learn from and apply to their group work.

The workshop kicked off with teachers discussing all about identities
and relationships. Teachers listened to a live webinar on conceptual
understanding and how to contextualize various key concepts and
related concepts and to combine two or three concepts in a statement
to establish a relationship. During the workshop, several examples
were given on how other IB teachers have used global context and
concepts in the MYP curriculum and how it has been applied to teach
students. Teachers worked in groups to write statements of inquiry
using three methods.

Our teachers presented their group work across different subject
areas: Arabic, English, Math, Sciences, Art, Physical Education,
History and even University Counseling.

Great job to our teachers!