Apr, 2014 HE Subhiah Al Maani Inspires Students on Leadership and Empowerment
ASG proudly welcomed HE Mrs. Subhiah Al Maani, Jordanian role model and Founder of the Business and Professional Women Association, for an inspirational talk to students on her upbringing, life's experiences, achievement and the importance of leadership.

Superintendent Mrs. Haifa Najjar extended a very warm welcome to HE Mrs. Subhiah Al Maani, who gave an inspirational discussion in the presence of our Head of School, Mrs. Alice Abboud, teachers, faculty and students.

HE Mrs. Subhiah Al Maani is a member of several honorary offices and is the founder, president and chairwoman of several organizations including Chairman of the Board for the Arab Company for Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Products, Vice-President of the
Business and Professional Women Association and Founder of the Arab Company for General Trade and Supplies. She has also taught in her capacity as a teacher of History, Geography, National Education, English and Sports.

HE Mrs. Subhiah Al Maani inspired students as she shared her life and work experiences, motivations, challenges and achievements. Her discussion highlighted the importance of human rights and the importance of legal laws that are needed to protect human rights. She continued to inspire students as the pillars of a new and better Jordan to help build a more equal and fair justice system. Mrs. Subhiah expressed her values to students as she emphasized having inspiration, motivation, perseverance and confidence to be able to succeed.

Thank you Mrs. Subhiah Al Maani.