Jun, 2014 ASG Celebrates Graduates Awards Ceremony

ASG held its Annual Graduates Awards Ceremony to honor and
congratulate ASG and BSA seniors for their achievements.

Opening the ceremony, our dear Superintendent Mrs. Haifa Najjar gave a
warm welcome to parents, students and families and expressed her
delight in celebrating the Graduating class achievements.

“We are here to celebrate our student's academic achievements. Our
students are at the heart of ASG and ASG is in the heart of Jordan"
commented Mrs. Haifa.

The Ceremony also went on to thank faculty for their dedication,
service and committed work with students. Each teacher received an
award in appreciation for their continued commitment and teaching
excellence at ASG.

Mrs. Haifa Najjar presented various awards to ASG and BSA students
across various subject areas including Maths, Languages, Drama,
Sciences, Sports and Social Clubs.

She further commented, " ASG is a school community that embraces
passion, dignity, love and integrity."

Highlighting the ceremony, seniors presented their farewell graduation
songs " Bukra" and "The Time of My Life" as they stood together on
stage full of excitement and emotion.

ASG will continue to always be a second family for our Graduates.

We were so proud to see their memorable smiles at the Graduates Awards Ceremony.