Apr, 2014 Students Present Debate “Arab World Is No Place for Women”
Inspired by New Arab Debates, a new platform that discusses and promotes issues on driving change in the region, our Debate Club students engaged in a heated debate session about women in the Arab World. The debates presented issues on gender inequality, discrimination, sexual harassment, economic, political and legal issues faced by Arab women who are mostly absent from public space and discriminated against as unequal members of society. Opening the debate, students presented a video on facts and laws that curtail the rights of women in the Arab Region in regards to illiteracy, sexual harassment, marriage, education, unemployment, political representation and legal issues. Students voiced their opposing views between the Arab World and the West and highlighted certain facts including women’s representation in the labor force and their political representation, male dominant societies and sexism as a global issue. Further to the debates, various controversial issues were mentioned such as laws that do not protect women, fundamental rights, discrimination, false mentalities towards women, illiteracy and unemployment. While these are all pressing issues, student teams gave their closing remarks and stated that sexism is a global issue and not just a concern in the Arab world, and that we need to look into the daily challenges and obstacles that young women face. They expressed their appreciation to all female teachers and to women who have helped empower them. We are so proud of our students who excitedly presented the debates for the first time and for bringing complex and challenging issues to the table. We need to dare to question in order to create a better world for women and for all.