Aug, 2009 The Annual Webpage Competition 2008
Competition Requirements:
  1. Teams must register to be eligible for the competition. Registration's deadline is on 31st of March 2008.
  2. An entry in The Web page Competition is a website produced by the teams and delivered to the ICT department at ASG. Teams that do not submit an entry by the final entry delivering deadline on Wednesday, 30 April 2008 will not be eligible to have their entry judged.
  3. Wait patiently as the judges make their final decisions. Judging will be completed by independent judges from the sponsoring companies, the ASG's administrations, the art department at ASG, and the ICT department at ASG, and student's votes through the school's website. Judges' decisions are final. Judges' scores will not be posted or publicized, however feedback will be provided to each team delivering a website.
  4. The main subject for the website should be one of the following:

    • Traffic accidents
    • Land Day "YOM AL ARD"