May, 2014 ICT Geniuses Exhibit at Annual Computer Exhibition

ASG always has something to offer when it comes to the world of digital technology. This year, our students presented impressive innovative IT projects at our Annual Computer Exhibition Mobile Rockers.  

Students showcased various innovative IT projects with particular interests in web design,
poster design, animation videos, robotics and mobile applications. This year’s theme Mobile Rockers celebrated our student’s achievements in mobile applications, a whole new paradigm that has changed the way we learn, teach and communicate.  

We were pleased to host our main sponsor for the event, ProgressSoft, a well reputed local Jordanian company that specializes in programming and technology-driven solutions for the Banking and Financial sectors. 

Opening the Computer Exhibition, our Superintendent Mrs. Haifa Najjar expressed her sincere pleasure for her support and encouragement to students to become the leaders of tomorrow to make a change in the world. Students from the Al Bayan School for Boys and Philadelphia School also joined the exhibition.

Our Guest Speaker, Mr. Anan Al Wanni, ProgessSoft’s Branch Manager in Oman, was pleased to present a fun and interactive presentation on programming, game apps and about ProgressSoft which helped to inspire and enlighten our students. While Mr. Anan encouraged students to achieve, he commented, “We can do a lot, remember that Google was not the first search engine and the iPhone was not the first smart phone.” During his presentation, students listened to a TedX video on a 12 year old student discussing his passion and achievements in the IT field and how he started his own Apps Club at school.   

Bringing more to the event, our Micro Tech Rock winners also showcased their mobile apps, as they competed among five private schools at the Micorosoft Tech Competition held at the King Hussein Business Park. Students shared inspirational journey videos throughout their days and nights preparing their mobile apps projects.

Closing the event, SuperintendentMrs. Haifa Najjar was pleased to hand out awards and congratulate students for their achievements. Furthermore, awards were presented to students for going beyond expectations and exceptional achievement.

We would like to thank our IT team for their considerable support in organizing such an event and our sincere appreciation to guest speaker Mr. Anan Al Wanni for an inspirational talk.  

Encouraging youth to present their ideas will inevitably open a bigger and better market for IT experts and the future of digital technology in the region. Way to go ASG!